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Introduce PCB fly probe test

Author : Luwis Date : 2014-5-7 19:16:00
Usually all PCB need to test,but sometimes single side pcb don't need to if the circuit is very simple.The 2 layer pcb and multilayer printed circuit board must test,the prototype usually test by fly probe test .For board mass production,we need to open a T/T tester. The T/T tester not only save the production lead time,also save your board cost in future.

Check PCB Flying Probe test is a function of electrical methods ( open circuit test ) one .
Fly tester in a manufacturing environment is a system test PCB copy board . Instead of using the traditional testing machine in line all the traditional needle plate ( bed - of - nails) interface , flying probe test using seven fifty-six with independent control to pass to test components of the unit of measurement (UUT unit under test ) test aircraft delivered to the unit under test through a belt or other transmission system then pads tester test probe sets for contacts ( pad test) and through hole (a through ) to test the individual components of the unit of measure (TUS ) in the test probe is connected to the unit through the system ( multiplexing ) ( multiplexing signal generator, power supply, etc. ) and sensors (digital multimeter , frequency counter, etc. ) to test the components of the unit under test . When you are testing a component, and other components of the unit under test through a probe electrically shielded to prevent interference readings .

Flying Probe circuit board production steps of test programs :

method one

First layer files for import , inspection , alignment , alignment, etc., and then rename the two inner change fronrear trunk ily02 name , ily03 , ily04neg ( if negative) behind rearmneg ..

Second : Increase the three, the three were copied in increasing drilling two solder layers and layers and rename fronmneg , rearmneg , buried and blind vias can be named Mehole -02 met01 , met02 - .. 05 , met05 - 06 and so forth.

Third : Copy past fronmneg , two D code rearmneg 8mil change the round before fronmneg layer called the point of test, called back rearmneg test points .

Fourth: Remove NPTH hole , the control line to find out through the holes define unexpected holes.

Fifth: the fron, Mehole as a reference layer , layer fronmneg on, check test points are the windows of the front layer is greater than the line test point holes 100mil to be transferred to the ring test welding . BGA test points are too dense to be out of place may be appropriate to remove redundant test somewhere in between , and the operation of the back layer.

Sixth: The finish of a good proof copy to fronmneg front layer, the rearmneg copied in the rear floor .

Seventh : activate all layers of the move to 10.10 mm.

Eighth : The gerber output file called fron ily02 , ily03 , ily04neg , ilyo5neg hind fronmneg , rearmneg , Mehole , met01 -02 , -09 met02 , met09 layer - then met10 Ediapv software.

First: If the entire front guide gerber files , ily02 , ily03 , ily04neg , ilyo5neg hind fronmneg , rearmneg , Mehole , met01 -02 , -09 met02 , met09 layers - met10 .

Secondly, the net generation network annotation button artworks.

Third: make test programs to generate test files button, enter the code D unexpected hole.

Fourth, preservation,

Fifth : The benchmark set out to complete a flying machine in the test and then get to work .

Personal feeling : 1, the use of this method to scan files often make a lot of test points , the midpoint is not automatically deleted .

2 , the holes generated in the test mishandled view ediapv connectivity in (open ) test point , the individual holes and not as a test point : the end of the line to the hole, but not the other side lines is assumed to be in the absence of the line on the side of the hole to be tested. ediapv but conversion test points are generated randomly, and sometimes there at failure .

3 For face HATCHBACK REAR no solder layer name can be ordered in other names, so that did not work out inexplicably EDIAPV measuring point came .

4 If there is only one side Mehole window on both sides, but both sides have left the measuring point, you can press this button creates testing programs , bear in mind that the cursor has been set at this level before Mehole.

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