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Red gum SMT process is what Under what circumstances

Author : Luwis Li Date : 2016-12-13 0:07:51
 SMT red glue process is a kind of the technology in the old way, with the continuous development of solder paste process, solder paste good welding effect, gradually replace the SMT red plastic welding technology into the mainstream, but at present, in some cases, also USES the red glue process.
What is a, SMT red glue process
SMT red rubber technology is the use of red glue heating curing characteristics, through the printing press or point glue machine, filling in the middle of the two welding plate, and then complete curing welding by SMT, reflow soldering, finally, when a wave soldering SMT that surface wave, and without fixture finish welding process.
Red rubber technology
Second, SMT red glue is used under what circumstances
1, the cost savings
SMT red glue craft a strong point is that when a wave soldering, can need not do fixture, can reduce the cost of doing fixture. So, some small orders of customers, in order to save costs, often require PCBA processing factory, using red rubber process. Red glue craft as relatively backward in the welding process, PCBA manufacturing plants generally reluctant to use red glue process, because the red glue process need to satisfy some conditions to adopt, and welding quality is not good solder paste welding process.
2, components is bigger, spacing is wide enough
Circuit board in wave soldering, generally choose surface-mount that surface wave, the plug-in side at the top, if SMT components and spacing is too small, on a wave of tin, can cause solder paste together, so as to cause a short-circuit. So, when using red glue process, to ensure that the components is enough big, spacing shoulds not be too small.
Assembly today, circuit boards density is higher and higher, the components also becomes more and more small, in this case, red gum SMT process is not well suited to the needs of the development of technology, the advantages of low cost but SMT red glue process, or by some customers. 
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