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Unprecedented growth in the North American PCB market

Author : Luwis Date : 2014-5-19 22:46:37
Increasingly complex applications, electronic parts get smaller, toward integration of voice and data communications, telecommunications industry to flourish, all of this is to push the PCB market in North America to an unprecedented level.

Especially in the automotive industry, the computer industry and computer peripherals industry, allowing manufacturers to continue to maintain a high share of sales in the PCB industry.

Frost & Sullivan research report made ​​by the latest statistics pointed out that the small applications and complex applications continue to grow demand for multilayer PCB, rigid and flexible PCB market in North America have access to high profit potential. 2000 sales in the market for about $ 10.03 billion, while Frost & Sullivan industry analysts predict that figure in 2006 will be close to $ 16.66 billion.

The report also noted that most of the single-and double-rigid PCB manufacturing business has been transferred to the Pacific Rim and North America in the multi-layer rigid PCB technology is still in the lead. High-density interconnect technology innovation allows manufacturers by increasing wiring density and compression space to produce smaller and thinner PCB

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