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about pcb prototype small and medium volume mass production quantity in leappcb

Author : Luwis Date : 2014-5-12 23:37:09
In PCB quotation, we will often ask the customer about the pcb quantity. The pcb order production including three type,such as PCB prototype, small and medium volume,mass production printed circuit board. The pcb order lead time is also according to the board quantity.
The circuit board prototype refers to10pcs quantity and within 0.2 square meters, more than 0.2 square meters and less than 3 square meters 2 layer pcb,we called small batch. More than 0.2 square meters, and  less than 5 square meters 4 layer pcb we also called small volume production, double-sided printed circuit board order quantity larger than 3 square meters and less than 50 square meters we called medium volume production, over 50SQM we called mass production.
so everyone knows about our company small,medium and mass production rules, can make the corresponding adjustment for your order.

More details about pcb manufacturing,pcb assembly,please feel free to contact us.
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