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difference between PCBA, SMT and PCB

Author : Luwis zeng Date : 2016-12-15 20:55:50
 A lot of people who just begin to contact the electronics industry, often called the three PCBA, SMT, PCB to stun, it is difficult to distinguish between the difference and connection, as small make up through the plain language to talk about the differences and relations between and among PCBA, SMT, PCB and help them better to enter this industry.
What is a, PCBA, SMT, PCB?
1 Chinese name, PCB circuit boards, circuit boards, printed circuit board, such as several calls, PCB is used to support the electronic components, and provide the lines, between the electronic components can form a complete circuit.
Circuit board baseplate
The circuit board is empty plate
2, SMT is one of the popular technology, through a series process will mount on the PCB bare board electronic components, also called surface-mount technology.
After SMT pasted on the finished product
3, PCBA refers to raw materials procurement, then in SMT, DIP plug-in, testing, and finished product assembly and other one-stop service of processing process.
ICT test
ICT test online
Second, the difference between PCBA, SMT and PCB
1, PCB circuit board is also called, is an essential SMT processing of raw materials, is a semi-finished products.
2, SMT is a circuit board assembly technology, through the PCB substrate to buy back, stick components installed on the PCB again through technology, is currently the most popular technology.
3, PCBA is on the basis of SMT to perfect a processing services, increase the purchase of the components, and the back of the testing and finished product assembly link, is to provide clients with one-stop service mode, service is the direction of future development.
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