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how to make 4 layer pcb1

Author : luwis Date : 2014-5-4 21:30:19
Today let's learn how to make 4 layer pcb,you can do it by yourself at home for the pcb prototype.But if large quantity,you need to place the order in pcb factory.

1.A chemical cleaning

In order to obtain good quality etched pattern , it is necessary to ensure a strong bond of the resist layer and the substrate surface , a substrate or a surface oxide layer , oil, dust , fingerprints and other dirt. Therefore, before applying the resist layer to the first surface of the cleaning sheet and to the copper foil surface of the roughened layer to a certain degree .
Inner sheet: start doing four-layer board , the inner ( second and third layers ) is a must do first . The inner sheet is made of glass fiber and epoxy composite upper and lower surface of the copper sheet .

2.Cut Sheet Dry Film Lamination

Resist coating : we need to make the shape of the inner plate, we first affixed dry ( photoresist , photoresist ) on the inner plate. Dry film is a thin film made ​​of polyester , polyethylene film photoresist protective film composed of three parts . The foil, the dry film to start a polyethylene protective film peeled off , and then heated and pressurized under dry conditions the surface of the copper paste .

3.Image Expose and Image Develop

Exposure: UV irradiation , the energy absorbed by the photoinitiator is decomposed into radicals , the radical photopolymerizable monomer is then polymerized to produce cross -linking reaction to form insoluble in dilute alkali solution after the reaction of the polymer structure . The polymerization reaction to continue for some time , to ensure the stability of the process , immediately after exposure, the polyester film should not tear should stay 15 minutes to proceed the polymerization reaction , the polyester film before development torn .
Development: active groups in the reaction solution of the photosensitive film and the unexposed portions of dilute alkali production down -soluble matter is dissolved , leaving the crosslinking has a photosensitive pattern portion

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