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how to make 4 layer pcb2

Author : Luwis Date : 2014-5-4 21:43:11
Let's continue learn "how to make 4 layer pcb(2)" knowledge,it's much more complex than single sided pcb and double sided pcb.

4.Copper Etch

The flexible printed circuit board or printed circuit board production process , the chemical reaction to the copper foil portion not to be removed , so as to form a desired circuit pattern of copper beneath the resist is etched not retained impact .

5.Strip Resist, Post Etch Punch, AOI Inspection and Oxide

The purpose of the film is to etch the board retained after clearing the resist layer so that the following copper exposed. "Membrane residue" filter and recycle waste shall be handled properly. If you go to the film after washing can completely clean , you might consider not to pickling . Finally, the board is completely dry after washing , avoiding residual moisture .

6.Layup with prepreg

Before intake pressure machine , the need to use each multilayer materials ready to pack (Lay-up) in addition to the inner processing operations that have been oxidized , but still need protection film film (Prepreg) -. Epoxy resin impregnated glass fibers. The effect is laminated to cover a certain order has been stacked board and the protective film placed between floor plate.

7.Layup with copper foil and Vacuum Lamination Press

Copper - and then to the current in the inner sides of the sheet are covered with a layer of copper foil , then a multilayer pressed ( within a fixed period of time necessary to measure the extrusion temperature and pressure ) was cooled to room temperature after completion of the remaining is a multi-layer sheet of together .

8.CNC Drill

In the inner exact conditions , according to the mode of CNC drilling drilling . High precision bored to ensure the holes are in the correct position .

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