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how to make 4 layer pcb3

Author : Luwis Date : 2014-5-4 22:16:45
Let's continue"how to make 4 layer pcb(3)"

9.Electroless Copper

To the through -hole conduction between layers can be ( and the resin of the glass fiber and the non- conductive portion of the wall of the hole metallization ) , the copper in the holes must be filled . The first step is a thin layer of copper plating in the hole , this process is completely chemical reaction . Final plated copper thickness of 50 millionth of an inch .

10.Cut Sheet and Dry Film Lamination

Tu resist : We have one in the outer coating photoresist.

11.Image Expose and Image Develop

Exposing and developing the outer

12.Copper Pattern Electro Plating

The secondary plating has become the main object of the copper line is thickened and the through hole copper thickness .

13.Tin Pattern Electro Plating

Its main purpose is to resist etching , the protection cover it will not attack copper conductor ( copper lines and protection of all the through hole ) in the alkaline copper etching .

14.Strip Resist

We already know the purpose , just use chemical methods , the surface of the copper is exposed.

15.Copper Etch

We know that the purpose of protecting the tin partially etched copper below .

16.LPI coating side 1, Tack Dry, LPI coating side 2, Tack Dry,
, Image Expose, Image Develop, Thermal Cure Soldermask
Solder resist layer is exposed to the pads used , it is often said Green reservoir, the reservoir is actually digging holes in the green , green oil does not need to cover the pads and other areas exposed. Proper cleaning can get a suitable surface characteristics .

17., Surface finish
HASL, Silver, OSP, ENIG HASL , Immersion Silver , OSP , ENIG
Tab Gold if any Goldfinger
Leappcb can produce the pcb accoding to the customer's PCB file and requirement.
HASL solder coating HAL ( commonly known as HAL ) process is to first dip on the PCB flux, followed by dipping in molten solder , and then the knife from between two pieces by the wind , compressed air knife used in the heat air to blow off the excess solder on thePCB , and remove excess solder metal hole , resulting in a bright , smooth, uniform solder coating.
Goldfinger (Gold Finger, or called Edge Connector) designed for the purpose , is to be a docking connector as the connector panel of external contacts export , therefore need to cheat the process . Chose gold because of its superior conductivity and oxidation resistance , but because of high cost of gold used in Goldfinger so only partial gold plating or chemical.

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