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in 2017 SMT processing and how to break through the bottleneck

Author : Date : 2016-12-7 17:58:11
 SMT processing after the development of China after a period of prosperity, market began to saturation, competition is intense, especially influenced by the world financial crisis in 2008, the global economy has been in the unstable state, and to this year, China's economy has begun to decline, by this under the influence of various factors, SMT processing has been in a state of "small profits", making it difficult for SMT processing factory.
In 2017, SMT processing should be how to break through the bottleneck? Realize the long-term development of SMT processing.
SMT processing
A change, strategy, to improve quality
After a period of development, SMT processing market is saturated, the competition is more intense, SMT processing can't quantity, SMT processing in falling profits, in this context, SMT processing must change strategy, starting from the inside, improve the SMT process process, improve the quality of the products, reduce the repair rate of circuit board, can really reduce the cost of enterprise, improve profit margins.
Second, perfect the system, improve efficiency
Until today in development of SMT processing, competitors have also become more powerful, then SMT processing factory must reform the management mode, perfect the system, to make various departments cooperate more smoothly, according to their respective positions, strict quality, streamline personnel, improve the production efficiency.
Three, PCBA processing one-stop service
PCBA processing professional road, will be the development direction of the future. PCBA electronics manufacturing services, including upstream electronic components procurement to production and processing for PCB, SMT, DIP plug-in, PCBA testing, finished product assembly, customs declaration and international logistics and other one-stop service. Some vendors because of their defects and lack of experiences in processing equipment, electronic processing factory need to have the ability to help them produce products, PCBA processing can play a scale procurement and quality control of competitive advantage, preferential will be transferred to the customer, meet the diverse needs of customers.
Fourth, expand overseas markets
Now, SMT processing is bad to do, because domestic SMT processing market is saturated, the competition is fierce, get the customer orders, so in order to break through this difficult problem, can choose to expand overseas markets, access to more customers. Now, some foreign customers because of local technology, cost factors, choose foreign processing manufacturers, in fact, foreign customers potential is very large, well in the international market, will impel the enterprises continue to grow strong.
As China's economy down, SMT processing and accelerating change, enterprise want to survive in the reshuffle change, it is necessary to break through the bottleneck, look from the inside, improve the quality of the products and improve the management system; Looking from the outside, go PCBA one-stop service and expand foreign markets. 
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