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single sided pcb and double sided board surface treatment technology

Author : Luwis Date : 2014-5-24 19:26:42
 PCB surface treatment technology is the circuit board processing procedures pads last treatment, due to the circuit board copper lines and pads are therefore to be finished before the circuit board processing circuit board places where bare copper to prevent oxidation treatment .
  Circuit board on the way and double -sided printed circuit board pads Process There are many HAL treatment , oxidation treatment, rosin , chemical gilding , and selective gold plating. So what are these handling characteristics ? First, HAL treatment , HAL is a very old treatment approach is very common pad pad approach, HAL ways that are generally vertical hot air leveling , this way out of the circuit board processing applicable plug-in circuit boards, because the hot air leveling out of the circuit board pad curved and uneven thickness with a patch so it is not suitable for circuit boards, rosin treatment generally common in single-sided circuit boards, this simple approach pad quick and cost savings. Oxidation treatment , also known as organic solderability preservative agent English name (OSP) cost and hot air leveling this approach cost almost the same , this approach out of the circuit board processing and chemical plated circuit board is now out popular board pad approach, due to the continuous development of science and technology with the patch board more and more, due to the uneven HASL circuit board processing out of the circuit board pads and gold-plated and oxidation chemistry out of the circuit board surface evenly and therefore more suitable for SMD soldering many domestic pcb circuit board pad for processing generally gilded and use of chemical oxidation treatment . 

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