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why need generate the PCB file to GERBER file

Author : Luwis Date : 2014-5-13 0:26:07
 Why we need to transfer the PCB GERBER file and drill data to pcb factory before production?
Most engineer are accustomed to send the PCB design file to PCB factory directly.,there also have some internation customers know generate the PCB GERBER file and drill data to pcb factory before production,why we need to do this procedure?
Because the electronic design engineer and PCB engineer have different understand about the PCB,maybe the PCB gerber file is not what you want.For an example,you are defined all component parameters in the desinged files and you don't want let these information display on the finished board,but you don't inform that,so the PCB factory will produce according to your pcb design file,and all these parameters leave on the finished board.But if you transfer the PCB file to gerber file,so these kind of thing will avoid.
GERBER file is an international standard Gerber format file , which contains the RS-274-D and RS-274-X formats,RS-274-D which is called the base GERBER format and at the same time with a D code to order a complete description of a graphic file ; RS-274-X called Extended GERBER format , which itself contains a D code information.Usually the CAD software can generate two format file.
How to check the GERBER correct or not? You just need to put these GERBER files and D data to free software VIEWMATE V6.3,so you can check by print or on the screen.
Drill data also can generate by different CAD softwares,the normal format is EXCELLON,also can show in the VIEWMATE,you know we can't produce PCB without PCB drill files.
Please send the printed circuit board gerber file before we produce.Thanks.
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