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double sided printed circuit board

double sided printed circuit board
Product name : double sided printed circuit board
Item : LPT01
Details :

Base Material:          FR4 
Copper Thickness:   1oz
Board Thickness:     1.6 mm
Silckscreen Colour:  white
Soldermask Colour:  Blue
Surface Finished:  Immersion Gold

Product Categories: single/double sided board, multi-layer board, high density board,

including MLB with blind/buried via holes
Main Base Material: FR1,FR2,FR4,CEM1,CEM3,High Frequency Laminate with various dielectric constant
(imported or from local supplier), Aluminum Base laminate, Metal core Aluminum Board Thickness:  Inner core
thickness 0.15-1.5mm, finish board thickness 0.2-3.0mm Copper Foil Thickness: 1/3OZ-5OZ
Maximum Size:             600mm×1000mm
Min. Finished Board:     5mm×10mm
Min. hole size:               0.2mm/8mil
Min. line width:             0.1mm/4mil
Min. spacing:               0.1mm/4mil
Solder Mask Type: Liquid photoimageable solder mask, Thermosetting solder mask, 
UV solder mask


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